Zen Pressure Pro - Luxury Acupressure Mat

Zen Pressure Pro - Luxury Acupressure Mat

Zen Pressure Pro - Luxury Acupressure Mat

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Natural & Comfy Pain Relief  
The Zen Pressure Pro Acupressure Mat works to relieve stress, tension, and pain in your body.
Simply lie down on the mat for 20 minutes per night and you will wake up feeling much more refreshed, and pain free.
You’ll be amazed at how fast acupressure therapy is at relieving your back, joint, and muscle pain.
Releases Endorphins
Health professionals recommend acupressure as the process is found to release endorphins.
Endorphins work in a similar way to opioids.
Often referred to as ‘the body’s natural painkillers’, they help to reduce pain and produce a feeling of euphoria.

Holistic Pain Relief 
Unlike other acupressure mats. This one is designed to target & treat your upper and lower back pain at the same time.
And the acupressure pillow gives you comfortable, therapeutic support for your neck and head.
Thousands of comfortable, Therapy Points transfer gentle pressure on your body’s meridian lines to stimulate blood flow and flood your body with feel-good endorphins.
Your Portable, Personal Wellness Kit 
Need a quick break at work? Want faster muscle recovery after a workout?
Bring the ancient bed of nails wisdom with you wherever you go.
Just roll your pillow up on the mat, and slip them inside the travel bag.
The bag fits easily in a locker, closet, or under a desk until you’re ready to use it.
Helps Cure Headaches & Migraines 
Acupressure has been shown to have a positive impact on chronic headaches.
Research conducted in Taiwan in 2010 compared acupressure with muscle relaxant therapy and found that acupressure was much more effective.
The Zen Pressure Pro Acupressure Mat is wonderful for reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraines.
Less Stress, More Energy! 
Whether you’re sore from a tough workout or worn out from sitting all day at the office, this acupressure mat and pillow helps you recover and rejuvenate.
Lie back and melt into the massage mat to release muscle tension and mental stress at the end of the day - wake up and stand or lie on the mat in the morning to get your blood and energy flowing!
Convenient and Portable...
Your mat can be used anywhere, it’s super portable and made of space saving materials, when not in use the luxury acupressure mat actually rolls up like a yoga mat.
Get all the health benefits you need wherever you are.. In the car.. Work.. home.. Bed.. ANYWHERE!


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