SplexAbs Abdominal Exerciser

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The #1 Trainer for People Looking to Get the Most Out of Their Home Workouts!

Getting in shape right from home has never been so easy and effective. 

The SplexAbs Abdominal Exerciser is the perfect equipment to upgrade your home workout and let you get the most out of them. So you can tone your abs, arms, and glutes to achieve the physique you desire - effectively and conveniently without leaving home. 

However, without any assistance, it is almost impossible to keep the feet down which makes the workout ineffective and a total waste of time.

Our Sit-Up Bars Abdominal Core is designed to set up almost instantly so that you have a portable assistant that is always there to train with you anytime and anywhere. Start training effectively the right way to 10x the results in the shortest time.

DOUBLE THE RESULT IN HALF THE TIME: Quit wasting time traveling to the gym or leaving home and spend the time effectively by working towards your goals at home.

PERFORM VARIOUS EXERCISES: A wider variety of possible exercises to do at home mean a better workout for your body, Making it easier for you to get the results your want with one single piece of equipment.

VERSATILE & FLEXIBLE: Attached to different floor types or any smooth surface such as doors and dressers. Use it literally almost anywhere.

ENSURE PROPER FORM: It is vital to carry out the exercises correctly, to maximize the results. There's no shortcut to getting the shape your desire but staying at home doesn't stop you from staying active.

Sit Up Bars Abdominal Fitness Workout Gym Abs

DECREASE CHANCE OF INJURY: Doing the exercise right does not only help with better results fast, but it also helps to prevent any injury in the process of working out. Save you from potential medical costs.

EASY TO USE: Difficult or cumbersome workout equipment is a huge turnoff and can affect your motivation. This SplexAbs Sit Up Bars Abdominal Core is specially designed to ensure that it is easy to use so that you can incorporate with your workout routine and perform many different exercises with it.

FITNESS TRAINER APPROVED: The extra-strong suction mechanism and durable materials ensure that it stays in the position regardless of one's weight giving a positive training experience every time. Works professionally just like a sit-up bench in the gym.

How To Use: 

  1. Ensure the floor is smooth and clear, and the suction cup is clean.
  2. Place flat on the floor, vertically against a flat smooth surface (door, glass sliding door, dresser, etc).
  3. Firmly press against the surface and press the lever all the way down.
  4. Note: Will not create a strong suction that is placed on gaps between tiles, rough floor or wooden floors with big ripples. In such cases please use it vertically on a smooth surface.